ALDUB Updates: National Pabebe Wave Day on Saturday, September 26, with the ALDUB Nation Targeting 20 Million Tweets

ALDUB fans are looking forward to Saturday, September 26, 2015, because it has been proclaimed by Eat Bulaga as the “National Pabebe Wave Day”.


Alden Richards doing the "Pabebe Wave"
Alden Richards doing the “Pabebe Wave”


Various local celebrities have done their own versions of the “pabebe wave”, and even foreigners abroad such as, Bryan White and the Pabebe foreigners are waving their hands the “pabebe” way.

Watch the video below about the American members of the Hey Joe Show becoming fans of ALDUB and doing the “pabebe wave”.



On Saturday, ALDUB fans have set a goal of targeting 20 million tweets to break their own record of more than 12 million tweets the previous Saturday.


Alden and Yaya Dub
Alden and Yaya Dub


Other ALDUB updates include the following:

1. Bryan White, the singer of “God Gave Me You” has confirmed his visit to the Philippines for ALDUB fans. This happened because ALDUB fans trooped to his Twitter page and requested him.

Read the exchange of tweets below:


Bryan White tweet
Bryan White tweet


Bryan White's tweet to Yaya Dub


bryan white's tweet to Alden
Bryan White’s tweet to Alden


2. Taiwanese actress, Barbie Xu, the star of the popular series, “Meteor Garden” became interested in the ALDUB phenomenon and has wished that Yaya Dub should enjoy her fame.

3. There’s a request from fans for Ellen DeGeneres to feature Alden Richards and Yaya Dub on her Ellen Show. The move is still gaining popularity.

4. There will be a gigantic battle between the 2 most popular TV stations on Saturday. ABS-CBN will feature an all-star cast on “Showtime”, while GMA7 has only its Kalye Serye “Juan for all and all for Juan” featuring the ALDUB love team.

For weeks since July 16, 2015, the ALDUB fever has catapulted the ratings of Eat Bulaga to unprecedented heights, with “Showtime” barely surviving. Hence, the predicted ratings this coming Saturday would favor “Eat Bulaga”.

alden yaya dub pabebe wave vice ganda
Alden & Yaya dub of GMA7 doing pabebe wave and Vice Ganda of ABS-CBN

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