AlDub Updates; Latest Dubsmash of Yaya Dub for Lola Nidora (Video)

MANILA, Philippines – The AlDub fever has spread like wildfire all over the globe that AlDub hash tags have always trended locally and internationally. It’s safe to conclude that AlDub is one of the most popular love teams of Philippine television.


AlDub, Image credit: AlDub Philippines FB


Actor Alden Richards, the newest “Crush ng Bayan” at “Pambansang Dimples” (Pambansang Bae) is a perfect partner for the Queen of Dubsmash, the wacky Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub.

Millions of fans have watched the Kalye Serye on “Eat Bulaga” every day making it the highest rating show on Philippine TV. The funny episodes do not only entertain but also dish out moral lessons to the audience.

There’s a new viral video of Yaya Dub lip syncing her boss, Lola Nidora.

Watch the hilarious video below, courtesy of Cracker Videos.

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