Alden Richards’ Album Enters BillBoard’s World Albums at Top 10

MANILA, Philippines – Alden Richards’ album titled: “Alden Richards” (EP) has entered BillBoard’s World Albums at # 10. It’s the only Philippine album that has entered the magic Top 10 circle of World Albums.


ALDEN 's album enters world billboard
ALDEN ‘s album enters world billboard


His first single “Wish I May” was previously ranked #1 on iTunes Philippines, and continues to attract music lovers.

Indeed, Alden Richards’ popularity is likened to a speeding bullet that no one can stop now. He’s mobbed by adoring fans everywhere he goes and is now a top star in his own right.

His tandem with Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, known as ALDUB, has cemented his undisputed niche in Philippine entertainment as a world famous celebrity.


ALDUB first picture together, ALDUB
ALDUB first picture together, Image credit: ALDUB


Thanks to ALDUB fans from all over the world, social media sites have never been more active than before. On Twitter, ALDUB hashtags always trended daily in the Philippines and worldwide.

The ALDUB nation (united fans) was instrumental in setting world records on Twitter for Alden Richards and Yaya Dub’s hashtags.

Inspite of all these fame and glory, Alden remains humble and God-fearing. One of his fans revealed, that people love Alden “kasi simple at mapagpakumbaba” (because he is simple and humble.)

Recently, he has accepted an invitation to be a godfather to the son of one of his fans. The mother gave birth to the baby during one of the most exciting episodes of the Kalye Serye – Alden and Yaya Dub’s Saturdate. Even during the mother’s labor pains, she endured just to watch the episode, hence, she named her baby – you have guessed it right – ALDEN RICHARDS.

Also, ALDUB and Lola Nidora will be receiving an award from the Catholic Mass Media group for the positive influence they have contributed towards building the country’s moral values.

The ALDUB fever has affected people positively in so many ways (business-wise and entertainment-wise); and it’s inevitable that they will be here to stay as icons of the Filipino entertainment industry.

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