4th Impact Impressed Judges with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ on The X Factor 2015 Live Week 4; Judges’ Comments (Video)

The Filipino group, 4th Impact, has once more impressed the X Factor UK judges and the audience with their performance of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ on The X Factor 2015 Live Week 4.


4th Impact performs "Ain't No Other Man" on X Factor UK
4th Impact performs “Ain’t No Other Man” on X Factor UK


After the emotional week for the group, where Celina, the youngest of the group, has fainted before their live performance, 4th Impact has gotten back to its feet once more with their “meaty and nasty” performance of ‘Aint No Other Man’.

4th Impact’s rousing performance of the Christina Aguilera hit has made them advance to Top 6 on X Factor UK with the elimination of Mason Noise.

Here are the X Factor UK Judges’ comments after their awesome performance.

Simon Cowell:

“Brilliant, professional, sassy… here’s my only thing I’d be doing with you now if I am your mentor– you have to bring out your individual personalities much more now. At the moment it’s so tight the four of you and I kinda want to get to know you as individuals. I really like you, but to go to the next level, you’ve got to be known as A,B, C, D and we’ve got to know who you are. Apart from that, it was great.”

Nick Grimshaw:

“That was proper entertainment from beginning to end. Sometimes you’re so sweet it is like candy floss, and it’s a bit too sweet… tonight it was MEATY, a bit nasty. It’s really, really entertaining. Well done girls. It’s great.”

Rita Ora:

“It was tight, it was professional, it was rehearsed. Cheryl and I know how hard it is to sing and dance at the same time, and I think I’m the 5th member, and I think I liked it.”

Cheryl FV:

“Honestly, that wasn’t rehearsed; we really had a tough week. They only got it yesterday. I think because they are so professional and they’re so tight always, it is really easy to overlook the fact they’ve come from halfway around the world; all the way from the Philippines. They missing home, they’re missing their families, and I have so much respect for you getting up there every week. Not speaking your language…and standing there like full professionals do and perform.”

Watch 4th Impacts performance of “Ain’t No Other Man” below on X Factor UK.

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