Original Quotable Quotes on Life, Love and Humanity


“The words of a traitor have as much appeal to me as a bland cup coffee with no caffeine. It has the appearance of a good coffee, but tastes like water and wood shavings; deceptive and hollow, pleasing to the ears but made of lies.”




“Take your time in gathering your thoughts, and do not rush in expressing yourself. Allow yourself to get caught in the heat of the argument and you may end up getting burned.”
“Just because a person loves you now, it doesn’t mean they won’t learn to hate you when you wear them out.”
“Only two things determine whether or not you are capable of success, are you breathing or are you dead?”
“People learn to depend on themselves more when you turn them down and leave them to their own devices. They also learn to stop approaching you and asking for help. Given more time; they will be independent of you, able to stand on their own legs without you. The same thing happens when you turn down people who are reaching out to you. It is only a matter of time before they realize they have wasted enough love on you.”
“It’s not so bad being a pawn on the chessboard. You will have the restrictions of a soldier but someone else will shoulder the burden of a king.”
“Back then you say “I love you” because you mean it and it holds true even for just that moment. Back then when you greeted someone good day they will greet you too. Now they just raise their eyebrows in approval. Back then “I am sorry” was said with sincerity and the will to make amends. Now they say it as if they were forced to. Back then you share your feelings and thoughts with someone and you would get decent advice. Now they tell you to leave with all your drama. Back then was a long time ago… People have advanced in material and ingenuity but have declined in morality and value. This does not go for everyone. There are still a lot of good people it’s just that the standards aren’t the same and neither is the approach from person to person.”
“Do not spoil the value of your good deed by letting something unnecessary come out of your mouth. The best way to help people is to quietly smile while doing it.”
“You go to church every Sunday wearing your best clothing , putting on your best scent and perfume so you can happily chat with the person next to you, ignoring the true reason you went there in the first place. Then you complain of how boring it is and learn nothing from going to church. Then comes someone with a bible and hook line and sinker! You are helplessly drawn to them like a fish on a hook; shaking off the waters of your faith to end up in a small can.”

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