Cheap and Best Gift Ideas for Christmas

A number of people declared that Christmas should not be commercialized because the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, Christmas would be incomplete without family members opening their Christmas presents or gifts on the eve of this glorious event.

It’s a fact too that money can be a scarce commodity during these days; hence, buying gifts for your friends and family could present a crucial problem. However, here’s good news, you can give gifts to all these precious persons in your life with a cheap budget.

How? Go over the list below and feel free to use these ideas for your cheap and best Christmas presents. The sincerity that you put into these cheap gifts would make them priceless to the receiver.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Cheap and Best Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Poem Composed by You

A short, personal poem you have composed yourself for the receiver would be an inexpensive but valuable poem. You can type it in colored paper or cardboard and decorate it with flowers growing in your backyard. Your gift can cost as cheap as a dollar but its value would surely be priceless to the person.

2. A Song You Sang

If you don’t have the gift of composing poems, you can sing the gift recipient’s favorite song and record it in a CD. Most probably, he/she won’t notice the imperfection of your voice but would appreciate the sincerity you have put into this unique Christmas gift.

3. An Organic Christmas Card

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a Christmas card that has been prepared personally by your beloved? The only item you would spend on is the cardboard and some glue. You can create the card using newspaper cut-outs, flowers, grass, tree twigs or sand and soil.

4. Spend Time with the Recipient

Time is gold, and the most precious gift you can give your loved ones is your time. Bring her/him to a quiet place (garden or park) and then spend quality time with them talking, reading to them, watching a movie, or simply listening to music. What’s important is that you have given your full attention to her/him/them.

5. Cook for Your Loved Ones

You can also cook for your loved ones. Prepare a simple meal of his/her favorite food and serve the person. It need not be expensive as long as you stay with him/her and shower him/her with your undivided attention.

These are only some of the various cheap and best gift ideas for Christmas that you can give to your friends and family. Of course, remember to say the magic words, “I love you”, or “I care for you.”

For children, you can also ‘organize’ or create cheap and best Christmas gifts for them. Here are some cheap gift ideas for children that you can gain insight from.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

1. Bath Crayons

You can buy these Christmas gifts at cheap prices either offline or online. Most products would cost less than $20. And your children would definitely love these incredible crayons.

2. Tool Belt

This tool belt can contain any of your kid’s small items, from candies, to pencils, to small toys. It can be snapped safely on your kid’s waist, while he runs around.

3. Binocular

This is precious to children and would spark their love for adventure. There are certain brands that cost less than $10 dollars. So, help your kid discover new things with this superb gift.

4. Raincoat

This useful gift is great as a Christmas present because it can protect your child during rainy days. It’s a practical gift that your child would surely be happy about.

5. Kid’s Sunglasses and Hat

These would be cool gifts for your child, who can use them when he/she goes outdoors for fun during summer. You can choose a trendy shade that could complement his/her favorite colors.

Aside from these cheap Christmas gift ideas, you could also build toys out of used boxes, such as, a doll house, a mini-pool or playground, a doll or car. Be ingenious and explore other ‘trash’ materials (old shoes, old boxes, old clothing) that you can use at home.

These cheap Christmas gift ideas can be the best Christmas presents you could give your children this yuletide season.

In the end, it’s your love, time, concern and sincerity that your child cares about the most.

Merry Christmas!

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