Travel in Style to Taloctoc

Having a sleek looking car or truck is a status symbol in most countries – especially third world countries.

Even celebrities are “conscious” of how good their cars look; so much so that we oftentimes watch on TV – celebrities becoming advertising agents.

As for me, the closest thing I had as a vehicle was a run-down old jalopy truck.

I would like to visit once more Taloctoc, the far flung village in the hinterlands of Kalinga, where I had spent my childhood days, and I would need to use something that could accomodate the whole family and be road worthy; I need a sturdier, durable and more ergonomically designed transportation.

I had always dreamed of a dodge 1500. It fulfills all the criteria I mentioned above and more.

A nissan maxima or a gmc would also be ideal if I travel alone. The outstanding interior and exterior built and structure would give me the assurance that I’ll be safe on the road.

The ride from the city proper through the treacherous mountain- roads of Kalinga would be around 12 hours, which would definitely be a road torture for any vehicle. But these vehicles including the toyota camry review would endure any rough road and still be coming out whole. I’ve seen lesser cars give in to the arduous ascents and descents through these long and winding roads.

When I go back to the place where I have spent my happy childhood days, I would like to do it in style- in my dodge 1500!

12 thoughts on “Travel in Style to Taloctoc”

  1. kahit ano..basta pickup car.yan kasi ang gusto kong sasakyan.pwede kahit saan at pwede ring pang pamilya.

  2. ako rin gusto ang pick-up… nakaka-macho hehe…

    at saka nuong uso pa ang lahar, ang mga pick-up ang maasahan dito sa atin

  3. Hi Ever,

    Sorry ha, hindi ako nakapagreply agad. Ang dami kasing trabaho. OO nga kahit ano basta meron ano? Salamt sa pagpasyal.

  4. Hi Roy,

    Yes, natatandaan mo pa pala ang lahar. Parang ang tagal na ng panahon na iyon ano? Malagim na panahon. Buti lumipas din.

  5. Hello Chuchie,

    I tried but I can't access your blog at entrecard that way.

    Kindly just give me the title of your blog that you have registered at entrecard so I would click on the card itself from my dashboard and send you the EC credits.

    Congratulations for winning the contest.


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