Thank You to my Top EC Droppers for March

Although I have a widget for my top droppers in my side bar. I would like to devote a post for my EC droppers. Thank you to all those who had dropped by my blog last month. Here are the top 15 droppers, and their brief description of their own blogs.

1. my review

My review about anything.

2. New Dilemma
Looking for a musical breakthrough!

3. Zero
Zero’s Blog

4. Lola’s Diner
At Lola’s Diner we’ll be sharing recipes and sharing conversation across a virtual lunch counter. Topics will be varied and can include current events, politics, parenting, mental health, and glbt topics.

5. Angels on Your Shoulder
Angels can be presented in an airy-fairy way, or we can learn to make them an integral part of our lives, using them to help us feel loved and safe enough to risk opening our hearts and our minds to the limitless possibilities life holds.

6. Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg
I share insights from many spiritual traditions to help you remember it is your birthright to be happy no matter what and that you can create what you want when you want it.

7. If The Walls Could
a ramshackle dustbin, inky denim coils, the hyperbole hits the fan

8. Symphony of Love
Bringing you Love and Inspiration!

9. The Esoterical Journey
Thought and stories about personal freedom, love, life energy and the journey inside

10. Anything Goes W/ Pahn
Anything Goes w/ Pahn is a personal website of Pahn to weblog his views, opinion and some story to the world wide web.

11. My Heart Voice
This is the place I go when I have a story to tell, or a memory to voice. This is “My Heart Voice” and I want to share it with you.

12. My Funny Dad, Harry
This blog is about the book I wrote about my dad in his memory when he died. Included are some memories that aren’t in the book, and things about him that I think people might find interesting.

13. My Sweet Haven
A collection of my thoughts, rantings and ravings, dreams, reveries, hobbies, interests and so much more.

14. My Musings and Stuff!
Sharon’s personal blog about whatever I chose to write about whether it be my kids, a new product, politics, movies, music etc. Anything!

15. Stuff and Nonsense
Some of the nonsense in Joel Klebanoff’s brain is funny. Some of it is not. Stuff & Nonsense contains mostly the former.

4 thoughts on “Thank You to my Top EC Droppers for March”

  1. Hi. Thanks for the support. If you have read my older post regarding with contest sponsors; I said ” looking for WILLING contest sponsors” NO PRESSURE, NO EXACT AMOUNT…anything they would like to give.

    about the badge,DON’T WORRY. I did not ask my friends to do it…they did it with their own willingness to help us 🙂


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