“It is often said that death comes like a thief in the night.” How true! Just this month a co-worker who was seemingly healthy went to bed and never woke up.
(May he rest in peace). The doctor said it was myocardial infarction….
and I was just talking to him the day before!

He talked about his plans to visit his daughter abroad after he retires, and to spend some time with his grandkids. He even talked about buying a bigger house in the outskirts of the city.

This has kept me wondering – I have my plans too. Up to what extent would I be able to live and implement these plans? I have no idea! – and NO ONE KNOWS but God.

I believe death is predetermined; that when it is my time to die, I cannot escape the scythe of death no matter what I do.

And I would certainly act differently, if I have had any inkling of the day of my demise.

And again: ” Is there life after death?” A profound question, which I would not attempt to answer, as it requires sufficient knowledge and data to be able to do so (which I don’t possess).

Let me focus on the question:


Perhaps, I would have forgiven everyone who had done me wrong.
Visited each of my relatives and told them how much I love them.
Doled out those “excess” material things to people who needed them more.
Shared more of my time and knowledge with whoever is interested.
Have gone skydiving – I had always wanted to feel how it is like to “fly”.


Danced and bathed in the rain.
Toured the hills where the Sound of Music had been filmed.
Wrote that novel I had always wanted to write.

and….many more….

if I knew the day…perhaps… but I don’t.

4 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS ON DEATH”

  1. Hello, dont’t worry about death. Death could be an advisor, something that makes you stronger than ever if you integrate it in your life.

  2. Well, it depends on your belief system.

    If you think like a gamer and belief in belief systems that are similar to Buddhism, then death is just like a big reset button.

    Like, life is just a game, but you only get 1 life, no saves, no reloads, no turning back.


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