My Favorite Footwear

When I was a kid, I sometimes go without shoes or slippers. It was good to feel the cold damp earth tickling my soles and “refreshing” my feet. But time moves on and so does technology.

Now, I have to wear shoes – whether I like it or not- because going without it, would be like going naked in a public place.

I have trouble however in selecting my shoes as I am flat footed and almost all shoes hurt my feet. I have to let my feet be measured specifically (wide- toed shoes) because of this, and had them made to order.

The ready made shoes usually lasts only for a few weeks. And sometimes, when the new shoes hurt so much, I go back to wearing the tattered, old ones.
I have large bunions right now and I have a friend who was operated on because of bunions. This makes me doubly nervous of choosing the right shoes.

Then, my daughter who is abroad, gifted me with an Adidas. At first I ignored it, but when they have required us at work to undergo compulsory physical fitness program, I have to use it. It was the only rubber shoes I had in my possession.

Miracles of miracles, I felt so comfortable with it that I used it all day and the days after.

I also found luck with this wonderful online shop, with everything and anything available on the click of a keypad. I can now buy all the same, comfortable footwear that I now love using.

Now I don’t go without my favorite footwear, and I enjoy jogging because of it.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Footwear”

  1. I like Adidas too! It’s a great brand, and I use it during my workout in the gym. But for jogging, I wear New Balance, which is one of the best jogging shoes ever! I don’t wear Nike, despite it being famous, cos I think the quality sucks.


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