My Backyard Garden

A beautiful garden is something I have always wished for since I started searching for a place to call my home.

I bought a modest bungalow with a spacious backyard that I had planted with vegetables and trees. I had a guava tree, an avocado and a cherry tree. There were eggplants, tomatoes, pepper and some lettuce. I had also planted the edges with roses; roses to discourage intruders as these have thorns.

My small garden – about 224 square meters- was very manageable for me. I had to make use though of a post hole digger, as I had to put up a wire fence. This was a very useful tool as it made my job easier and it facilitated digging.

My garden is not well manicured like my neighbor’s.

Hers was beautifully sculpted because she had a more specialized garden equipment to utilize. She had skid steer attachments and zero turn mowers . It was a breeze for her converting the jungle which was once her backyard into a scenic and wonderful garden.

One day, I would be able to do that too!

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