I remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Bill Pullman and I am transported back in time when the radio was considered as one of the primary source of entertainment for people.

The movie was about how the radio played an important role in allowing Sam(Tom Hanks), a widower to eventually meet the woman of his dreams Annie (Meg Ryan).

The alias that the DJ gave to Sam – was “Sleepless in Seattle.”

This reminscing of radio programs leads me to a popular radio program in our locality entitled “Legends Anthology”, at GVFM – hosted by “DJ Legend”.

The program features artists of the past and present who have proven themselves worthy of being called a legend. R & B hits of the past like “So Sick” by Neyo, “With You” by Chris Brown and present R & B hits like No Air” by Jordin Sparks are featured.

Hip Hop music like “Elevator” by T. Pain and Hip Hop Police by Chamillionaire are also aired.

Just like several radio programs, listeners can request songs to be played for them. The DJ -The Legend – is an unassuming and good- natured, young man who is simultaneously studying as a junior college student in a local university.

I admire his drive to study hard and work conscientiously.
Although school is “toxic”, he says he enjoys what he is doing and find it relaxing and invigorating after a stressful day in class.

We should support and encourage people in the radio industry, especially people like
“The Legend”, as their brand of entertainment is clean, entertaining and worthy of general patronage.

My hats off to you – The Legend!

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  1. Angeleyes yes,indeed, DJ Legend is the best! Thanks for the visit.

    medtech3a you’re welcome. DJ Legend should have an article of his own.
    Kudos to you!


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