Julia Ward’s – Poetry Friday

Julia Ward of a Blinding Heart has a recent post of poems from different authors in her blog.

Julia is a great poet herself. She wrote one splendid poem for the post.

I read this from her About me Page and I can’t help but post it here:

Biography (By Julia Ward)

“I found myself alone in an Emergency Room last year. I couldn’t hear the shouting or even my own breathing as they pulled me onto a gurney with cold white sheets. My heart had been stabbed by a screaming white light that tore through me like a lazer. When my heart stopped, all I wanted was to see the dazzling red dragonfly that sat motionless in the palm of my hand so many summers ago.

I live now with a blinding heart, not sure when the jerky, tortured rythm will stop.

Lightning can not kill me.

My soul has been stripped clean of my former self. My soul drifting like a leaf in a dark stream.

I am no longer able to paint. My music is slow and tortured. I thought I could write, just ask the neighbor’s cat.

Perhaps it would be better if you just listened for a while. At least until the storms come and the lightning chases me off the porch.”

julia ward

Other poems are from:

Francis Scudellari, the poet, writer and the quintessential artist has written one superb poem too. He has a main site FrancisScudellari.com , which features all his creative works. It is one awesome site you would not like to miss. Read his interesting short stories and marvel at his brilliant poems and sketches/drawings.

Zorlone – a new, but fast rising poet and writer has also contributed a number of poems. His poems are highly ranked at Helium.com. He also writes for Triond.com and his blog is gaining readers and visitors at a phenomenal speed (19 followers within a span of less than 3 months). This is because his poems speak from the heart and soul.

And of course, yours truly.

Visit Julia’s site, and contribute too, to her Poetry Friday.

5 thoughts on “Julia Ward’s – Poetry Friday”

  1. This story made me almost cry…because I could relate somehow on the woman’s agony…just recently, our marriage was confronted with a great challenge..something that never occurred to me will happen..for I know our LOVE for each other is too strong…and nothing or no one can ever break it…

    Yet..life is really full of surprises…we never know what will happen next…then, it just happened…a woman came along..temptation it is…he admitted it to me…it is so painful…i could hardly reach my breath…my heart pounding so fast..
    my mind seemed too busy…processing concepts of what’s, why’s, how’s…
    nevertheless..he pleaded for forgiveness…another chance maybe… to start life anew..

    Love still exists…no matter how strong pain incurred…it’s still the same..not even broken into two…though forgiveness…i don’t know…maybe time will tell…

    so i ask for divine providence..to give me strength…because i know…if it’s only me…forgiveness is impossible…

    right now…things are back to normal…love is helping…to get us out of the shadow…of the past…

    a favorite quote from a cartoon movie “past is history, future is mystery, but today..is a gift..that’s why it is called present”…


  2. I will be there every Friday.

    Thank you for the nice words. I am really touched. I will keep writing and improve my style (if I have one). LOL.

    Julia is inspiring isn’t she? Her past medical history is something to talk about. A miracle, if I may say.

    Francis is way out of our (well, mine i.e.) league in poetry.


  3. Hi Mary Joy,

    I guess you’re talking about the short story . Yes, love is forgiving. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Hi Z,

    You’re a great poet. Good luck and all the best.

  4. I am running out of fresh ideas for poetry… Since my last post on “Freedom once again,” I think my writing style just fell off standard.

    Maybe this heat is clouding over my hopes in improving today. Anyway, I think I need to go to the badminton court and destroy a shuttlecock or two to feel better.

    Have a nice day!



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