A Poem For Zorlone

These are modified, related cinquains which I sincerely dedicate to Zorlone, as he had inspired me to write them.

endowed, vacillating,
upon the threshold
of the elusive muse.
oblivious to everything –

dawning leisurely,
and the consummation
of passion and desire,
umbrage for lost
time, chances –

wanton, felicity,
deluge of words.
emancipating you from stillness,
alive, flying, skies,
empowering you –

Enthused, unceasingly,
unafraid; and redeem
yourself, from the lengthy
slavery of silence.
Carve, indelibly –

15 thoughts on “A Poem For Zorlone”

  1. Bravo x 10nth power!

    I can do a standing ovation but you wont be able to see it…

    I love the poems!

    Ok, so are we going to have a contest who gets inspired from who the most? LOL! Just kidding. Other people might not get our private joke.

    You made my weekend Tita Jen!!!


  2. Hey Z,

    If you take into account everything that people would say, then you can never be happy. As long as your conscience is clear, and you are not harming or hurting anyone,then let it be.

    Enjoy the poems and keep writing. Btw, What did you understand from it? lol

  3. Hello Ally,

    Thanks, I’m rooting for you and Zorlone to win Lainy’s writing contest. The third, I forgot his/her name. Cheers and happy blog hopping.

  4. Very good poem. I envy you (in a positive sense, of course!) for being able to write like this. I’m unable to write decent poems.

  5. Hi Karen,

    I am flattered. You can, all we need is a little push or shove- perhaps. lol. You write well yourself.

    Thanks and happy blog hopping.

  6. Hi Lainy,

    Yes, it’s Recel. Do we have the same choices? Isn’t that amazing? Your contest has indeed, “rocked” the blogosphere. Kudos to you.

  7. someday, I hope to understand this cinquain thing lol

    but I don’t have to understand the style to appreciate a beautiful work

    and how I wish I can write as beautiufl as this one

  8. Hi Jena,
    This is wonderful. My hats off to you, Zorlone, and to the other poets. Writing poems is something that I can’t do. As many times that I’ve attempted, I failed. I’ll just enjoy reading your poems.

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Hi Tasha,

    You just think you can’t, but you can. If you know how to compose several chapters of a novel, then you could definitely compose just a a mere 15 lines or less of a poem.

    Thanks and all the best.

  10. Jen,

    I still haven’t quite figured the poems out. LOL! But I can feel the meaning within my heart and I shall be telling that to you someday. Extemporaneously and Eloquently. Ha! I wish! he he he!



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