A Life Worth Living – 17th Article for the Inspirational Book


“No one ever finds life worth living – he has to make it worth living”
A very nice thought I have read as I browsed a book of Chicken Soup last night.

I think we can make our lives worth living by living each day at a time, appreciating little things, and not looking for what is missing in our lives.

We have to nourish what we have and what we know – we should count our blessings! Our life is only lived once so it’s better to appreciate whatever life has to offer.

Embrace each trial and give thanks for them because they make us stronger. It’s hard to rejoice amidst our trials but if we only know how to discern blessings from them, things will be so simple.

Life is just a game: A jigsaw puzzle that keeps us thinking what it would look like after we drop each piece – it takes time and patience. But no matter how many times we try to put a piece that we think is right, it doesn’t mean that the piece is going to fit. Sometimes we’ll need to give up on one piece and move on to the others. The piece may fit, and we try to reassure ourselves that it’s going to be fine, but somehow we know it’s not right. And we try and try again.
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Life is just a carnival ride: A roller coaster that has its twists and turns and is full of ups and downs – we scream, shout, cry, and laugh. It’s always a different thrill each day and it is more fun when shared with others.

We have to be prepared for the ride as it dives very fast and doesn’t last long enough. We are stuck with the first position we had – we have to hang on well too, and sit back tight.

I have been through a lot and it really took me great courage and strength to stand up on my own. Sometimes people have to live alone just to find out what purpose they have in life. When they have found that – life would then be worth living!

Life can be a “better place” to “live” in, if we recognize and appreciate all the little things that surround us. A number of people take some of these important little things for granted, but eventually they’d noticed how these are indeed bigger things after all.

To think that my heart is still beating and I still have my senses complete and working admirably, I am very thankful just for that; other people are blind, deaf, and can’t even walk.

Sometimes, we think we have given them something worthless – but for these unfortunate beings – they are priceless! That’s how they usually perceive things because they don’t possess them.

But for people who have everything, things are often taken for granted. We get irked at the slightest sign of discomfort – waiting in line at a supermarket, when others around are starving; feeling uncomfortable because of a warm weather at night, when others had to sleep in a cold, damp pavement.

I always weigh things that I have versus the things that other people lack. This way I can realize how much worth the things I have in my life; that they are not just insignificant things but are really bigger blessings.

I am always thankful that even if I don’t have everything, at least I don’t have “NOTHING.”


IRENE is the author of LIFELOTS, an upcoming blog which inspires and motivates its readers to live life to the fullest. At her young age, Irene speaks with so much wisdom and startling conviction about vital topics.

She says: “No regrets, just lessons learned…”

With her jovial disposition and unfaltering optimism, she is a blogger worth visiting. Don’t just drop and run though, for she has a lot to offer.

Hop over her site and peruse her posts and you’ll understand what I mean.

16 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living – 17th Article for the Inspirational Book”

  1. The last line in her essay means a lot.

    There are a lot of people who are hungry to have more and more, yet they do not know how fortunate they are when a majority have nothing.

    Good to know that someone as young like you know how to value life and living it to the fullest would be the greatest lesson yet.

    Jena – good thing you stumbled upon Irene’s blog. Her contribution to the blogosphere are the lessons she partake in this school called life.

    Irene – keep writing! You are doing pretty well. Thanks for the inspirational posts!


  2. Hello Irene,
    I agree with Jena. As young as you are, you offer lot of great and wise insights about life in your post.

    I shall be visiting your blog soon.


  3. I agree totally with the points raised in this piece. Too many people spend too much time looking for happiness. Some think a big pay check will bring it, some feel material possessions will bring it, but true happiness comes from within.

  4. Hi Z,

    I agree with you. Sometimes , it’s so plain to see but we just refuse to see it.

    Hi Tasha,

    She is a positive person and her blog is worth a visit, Thanks.

  5. Hi Jon,

    Yes, happiness comes from the inside because it is a state of the mind and not dependent on any material thing.

  6. Hi Lola,

    Will visit your site soon, thanks.

    Hi Roy,

    Isn’t it a wonderful realization? Sometimes, we are all guilty of this, but we should try to overcome it everytime we are in this sad state by counting our blessings. All the best.

  7. happiness is a state of mind. we have a choice to be happy with what we have or not about the things that we don’t.

    the thing is, in this culture of trying to accumulate more in less amount of time, the more we get, the less we become happy. and in the process of trying to get more wealth to save for the rainy days, we get stuck with the cycle.

    my lesson: nobody is really rich. only he who needs nothing is.

  8. Hello,

    Jena – I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me, the exposure you game me. It really made a lot of visits on my blog. Thank you so much! And sorry for the delay of my comment, I was really busy with my work and in our church.

    Anyway, thank you for all the comments made on this article. I was really happy that my blog posts were appreciated. It was really nice to hear from all of you who are experienced bloggers.

    Doc Z – Thanks for correcting some of my posts on my blog, that really helped me to improve more and try to do better. Now that I know you’re there to make some comments on my posts, I’m more careful on constructing my sentences, hehe. Thanks a lot Doc!

    Tasha – I’m young but I always try to grow in wisdom because that is what the Bible regards as God’s intention for our lives. Thanks if you can drop on my blog. 🙂

    Jon – True happiness is contentment. As what Jena says, it is only a state of mind.

    Roy – We’ll never get satisfied until we stop searching for what is missing in our lives. Just appreciate what you have and you’ll find yourself not looking for anything else.

    Rita – We just have to ponder the thought that even if we don’t have everything at least we don’t have nothing. We sometimes take for granted the things we have but there are a lot of people who lack of what we have in our lives.

    Buraot – Being happy is our choice.

    **Our life will be more worth living if we share it with others..


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