How to Increase Your Network on LinkedIn

Networking with other members on LinkedIn is a challenge and an interesting endeavor. You have to understand, though, that LinkedIn is a professional network. You linked with people who have the same profession or related profession as you have.

It is quite different from Facebook and Twitter where you can socialize with people regarding non-professional aspects such as food, hobbies and family events.

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Increasing your network would have excellent results for your business, but how would you expand your network on LinkedIn? The following are simple but effective steps on how you could do this:

Import your email contacts

You could import your email contacts from your chosen email address to LinkedIn. You can do this by clicking on the “contacts” or “add connections” tab and then adding your email address. LinkedIn will then import your contacts from that email address. You may want to choose only those contacts that could connect to you on a professional level.

People search

You could also use your people search key in LinkedIn to search for your friends who are already a member of the site. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 175 million members. Out of this huge group, you would surely find several persons whom you are acquainted with.

Create or join a group

When you create a group, you attract professionals who share the same interests and career as you have. Your group could be a specific group like “Creative Writers” or a broader group like “Freelance Writers.” could also join groups where you could interact on a professional level. Through this method, you can broaden your network and reach.

Participate actively

Being a member of a group without participating is useless. You have to participate actively by commenting, liking and sharing the other group members’ post or links.

You may also want to help them promote the good events they are sharing. Endorsing a member, who is a competent professional, would demonstrate your goodwill and cooperation. This would show other members that you are a good team member, and they would surely recommend you to their friends, as well.

These are effective methods to increase your network on LinkedIn. Remember that you must accomplish all these activities because you sincerely want to connect with other people. Most people would notice immediately if you are insincere. Connect with them on a positive note and you will surely succeed in your networking venture.

For more tips, you may want to visit the LinkedIn Help Center.

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