Filipino Singer, Arnel Pineda’s Discovery on YouTube by World Famous Band, Journey, Now a Documentary Film; “A Most Remarkable Story”

The documentary film of Arnel Pineda and the Journey Band entitled: “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” opens in US theaters on Friday, March 8, 2013.

Watch Tasia Ann Thomas Mashup of 2012’s Hottest Hits in This 5-minute Awesome YouTube Video

If you want some fun way to welcome the New Year, you may want to watch the amazing Tasia Ann Thomas run through the 2012’s Hottest Hits in this 5-min YouTube Video.

Jessica Sanchez and‘s New Song Video “Jump In” Going Viral

Jessica Sanchez and ‘s new YouTube song video “Jump In” is set to go viral, as more fans become ‘aware’ of its existence. The video was uploaded last October 19, 2012 by jumpintochange, and has already 55,405 hits, to date.

Revealed, Heejun Han’s Light Moments with Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon during 2012 American Idol Live Tour (Video)

Channel 19 Network released, this October, some YouTube videos taken during the Top 10 American Idol tour with Heejun Han. Heejun Han, American Idol’s funny man, spent some light moments with Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon

Kristen-Rupert Affair Fan Reaction: “How Could You Do This Kristen?” YouTube Video Going Viral (Video)

The Kristen- Rupert affair or fling had turned Twitter into a blazing world of fans’ reactions, most of them angry, some defensive. Fans went from the stage of loyalty, when the fans defended Kristen and proclaiming that the picture was photoshopped, to the stage of disbelief and shock when Kristen Stewart, herself, admitted to the infidelity, and then to the stage of

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