Remembering John Lennon and the Beatles: “Save Rock And Roll” Trends on Twitter

Remembering John Lennon and The Beatles is like walking down memory lane and recalling all those amazing Rock and Roll songs of the 20th century. Songs like “Imagine,” which remains to be popular even today.

Jessica Sanchez Twitter Followers Almost a Million, #FollowJessicaSanchez Trends on Twitter

Jessica Sanchez, as @JessicaESanchez, has almost a million followers on Twitter, 998,679, to date, February 18, 2013, as #FollowJessicaSanchez trends on Twitter.

Tate Stevens, Excited for His First Single “Power of a Love Song”

Tate Stevens is excited for his first single “Power of a Love Song,” and he cannot wait for his fans to hear it. Tate twitted from his official Twitter account to express what he felt.

Twitter Detects Unusual Patterns to Access 250,000 User Information, Warns Users of Hackers

Twitter has detected “unusual access patterns” that led then to identify “unauthorized access attempts to Twitter user data,” as reported in its blog on February 1, 2013. Twitter was able to act promptly ensuring that Twitter user accounts are not further compromised.

The Walking Dead Back on TV on February 10, Twitter is Abuzz with Excitement

“The Walking Dead” will be back on TV on February 10, 2013, and Twitter is abuzz with excitement of the incoming new series. This American TV drama series is about a world ruled by “Walkers” or the “Walking Dead,” dead people who rose from their slumber to eat human flesh.

“Jessica Sanchez is My Valentine” Trends Worldwide on Twitter

“Jessica Sanchez is My Valentine” trended worldwide on Twitter, January 14, 2013, as fans of the American Idol (AI) runner-up showed their full support for their idol.

Fox Megan Asks, “What Is the Point?” Quits Twitter

Fox Megan has signed up with Twitter but after 5 days, she decided to quit, asking “What Is the Point?” Megan’s Facebook account is still open though, where she has more than 39 million followers.