Opening Prayer for New Year’s Party


Dear God, we thank you for giving us the chance to be together during this New Year. We thank you for your generosity and love the previous year, and for all the blessings You’ve bestowed on us all these years. This New Year, may we continue to a blessing to others, just as you have … Read more Opening Prayer for New Year’s Party

New Year’s Invocation Prayer

Lord, we rejoice in your presence in our New Year’s celebration. May you bestow your divine spirit in this program that everyone would partake of the joy of your love.
May we see you in each one of us so that this activity would bring in good cheer and genuine happiness in the hearts of all present here.

Opening Prayer for a New Year’s Party

The New Year is upon us once again dear God. We thank you for another fruitful year that has passed. We are aware that without your divine providence and guidance, we may not have been able to survive the year and succeed in our endeavors.