Manny Pacquiao Update on Tax Case: Dear Kim Henares Letter Goes Viral

MANILA, Philippines – A letter written in defense of Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao by Ira Panganiban, reportedly, goes viral on social media sites. Ira Panganiban is a newscaster of Inquirer Radio.

Where to Watch Pacquiao vs. Rios Fight Live Streaming from Macau

You can watch Pacquiao vs. Rios Live Streams in Macau on November 23, 2013. Entitled the “Clash of Cotai”, fans can watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios fight, LIVE, thru the following venues:

Jessica Sanchez Accepted Manny Pacquiao’s Invitation on Twitter for Her to Sing the Philippine National Anthem on the Pacquiao-Rios Fight

Jessica Sanchez and Manny Pacquiao have agreed on Twitter that Jessica would sing the Philippine National Anthem before the Pacquiao-Rios Fight on November 23, 2013.

Manny Pacquiao Makes it to Forbes’ List of The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities 2013

Filipino Boxing Superstar, Manny Pacquiao, made it to Forbes’ “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” at No. 78. He outranked boxing rival, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is at No. 88.

House Resolution 2962 of Philippine Congress Demands that Justin Bieber Should Apologize for His Manny Pacquiao Instagram Posts

Pop singer Justin Bieber should apologize for his Manny Pacquiao Instagram posts, House Resolution 2962 filed by seven representatives says so. This was decided by colleagues of Congressman Pacquiao in spite of him openly saying that Justin and those who “persecute” him should be forgiven.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao: Dark Knight Will Rise Again

The article of Edward Tolentino on CNN about Manny Pacquiao talks about a scene in the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” when Catwoman said to Batman: “You’ve given them everything.” The Dark Knight replies: “Not everything. Not yet.”

A Student’s Experience And Thoughts about Manny Pacquiao’s Loss to Marquez

The Philippines’ People’s Champ, Pambansang Kamao, Manny Pacquiao, embodies a true sportsman. This is my experience and thoughts about Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Juan Manuel Marquez last December 8, 2012.

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