Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick’s Updates: Phillip Phillips Talks about Jessica and DeAndre’s Love Relationship, American Idol Tour August 8 (Video)

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick’s updates have been closely monitored by fans as the budding relationship of the two continues to blossom to the delight of their JayAndre or DeJay followers.

DeAndre Brackensick Confirms “Yes, Jessica is My Girlfriend”

DeAndre Brackensick, 17, confirms “Yes, Jessica is my girlfriend,” and added, “Jessica and I are dating.” This came after Jessica revealed to her fans via Ustream that she and DeAndre were dating.

Jessica Sanchez Updates: Jessica at “Cars Land” in Disneyland

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick spent some time at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California on June 13, 201. Jessica tweeted she was with DeAndre, one of the American Idol Top 10 finalists. Jessica attended also the Grand Opening of “Cars Land.”