Update on Japan Earthquake: Early Japan Tsunami Warning Minimized Damage to Lives and Properties

The early Japan tsunami warning has minimized the damage to properties and had saved lives along coastal areas affected by the warning. This was reported by International news sites, March 11. The Japan tsunami was racing across the Pacific at around 500 miles per hour, but the early warning had gave people the chance to save most of their properties and evacuate to higher grounds.

Japan Earthquake: Another Earthquake Hits Japan, Tsunami Damage Reported (video)

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Japan for the second time this week. At 2:46 pm local time, March 11, 2011, another powerful quake hit the northern parts of Japan. According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the quake has a depth of 10 kilometers around 80 miles off the east coast. Initially, the magnitude was measured at 7.9 but quickly upgraded to 8.8.