Ben Affleck, Consistently Acknowledging Wife, Jennifer Garner, in His Victory Speeches

Ben Affleck has been consistently acknowledging his wife, Jennifer Garner, in all his victory speeches during the different awarding ceremonies. This heartfelt action made people perceive that his wife and kids were truly the driving force behind his success.

Oscar 2013 Winners: Seth MacFarlane’s Joke about Ben Affleck on “Argo”, “The film is so top secret that the director was unknown to the Academy”

The Oscar 2013 Winners awarding is on-going, and at the onset of the opening of the ceremony, host, Seth MacFarlane had already a joke about the academy and Ben Affleck

What’s Your Best Picture for the Oscars? “Argo” Should Get the Award It Deserves

What’s your Best Picture for the Oscars? For sure, there are numerous moviegoers who would vote for “Argo” as the Best Picture and get the award tt truly deserves, this February 24, 2013 at the Dolby Theatre.

Reactions about “Argo” as the Best Film for Cast Performance from Screen Actors Guild Awards

“Argo” is the Best Film for Performance by a Cast from Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, January 27, 2013. The reactions moviegoers were of joy because Affleck truly deserved the awards that the film is receiving presently.

Ben Affleck Not Running for US Senate, but Will Continue to Support Veterans

Ben Affleck confirmed through his official Facebook page that he is not running for US Senate, on Monday, December 24, 2012. Ben Affleck, a popular US movie actor, starred in films like “Good Will Hunting,” “Armageddon,” and the recent blockbuster hit, “Argo.”