Opening Prayer for Programs

Let’s bow our heads and place ourselves in the presence of the Lord. (Pause for a few seconds.)

Dear Lord, we stand before you in humble prayer before we start with this program (state the title of the program-optional.)

We realize that without your blessings we would not able to succeed with the plans we have for this activity.  Bestow your grace and divine wisdom to all of us present here, so we could cooperate and enjoy camaraderie and love for the greater glory of your name.

Bless also those we have left behind in our homes. May you grant them peace and happiness as they go about their activities.

Bless people around the globe that they may enjoy peace and the goodness of your love.

We ask all these through your mighty name, amen.

9 thoughts on “Opening Prayer for Programs”

    • Yes, you can. But don’t publish it online under your name. If you want to use it online, don’t use the whole prayer, publish a portion and point a link to this website for the rest of the prayer. However, you can print and use the entire prayer offline. God bless.


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