Invocation or Prayer for Events or Workshops

Our Father in Heaven

With bended knees we beseech you to listen to our prayers.

We invoke the Holy Spirit to come to our midst and join us

As we go about this event (mention the name of the event or program).

We pray that you guide us towards our goals

And keep us safe from harm and evil.

May your all-abounding love teach us to love one another
and treat everyone as our brother.

We worked hard to make this event successful.

But we know without your blessings, none of these will succeed.

May you allow us to have fun, learn and spread your good word.

Bless those we have left at home that they may be safe and sound too.

Bless everyone here that we attain what we have aimed for.

All these we ask in Jesus’ name.


Invocation or Prayer for Events or Workshops

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