Invocation for Meetings

Dear God, bless this meeting today that all of us who are gathered here would be able to come together as one in our outputs and ideas.

Thank you for giving us the chance to meet and talk about our concerns and challenges. We invoke your Divine Power and wisdom so that we would decide in accordance to your will and blessings.

Unite us under your spiritual tutelage so that we would not crave for our own aggrandizement but aim for the good of all.

Grant us the spiritual strength to pursue our course of action and plans in cooperation with each other. Make us aware that these plans should be for the greater glory of Your name.

Praying Hands Albrecht Durer
Praying Hands, Image credit: Albrecht Durer

Grant us the wisdom to discern which course of action should be changed and should not be changed. Make us worthy of your love and trust.

All these we ask in your mighty name. AMEN.

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