Fourth of July, US Independence Day Celebration, Fireworks, and the Best of Pinoy Foods

The Fourth of July, the US Independence Day, is just around the corner and preparations for the celebration are on-going. For the more than 3 million Pinoys (Fil-Ams) leaving in the US, most probably, Pinoy dishes are still the best for them when celebrating America’s Independence Day.

Independence Day is usually celebrated with parades, fireworks and fanfare. It is also a Family Day when parents and children spend time with together.

Reportedly, fireworks would no longer be as extravagant as it used to be in the past years at US bases in America because of cost-saving measures.

In the 1980’s and 1990, the 4th of July was celebrated at the previous American US Air Force Base, Clark Air Base, with the usual parades, festivals, picnics and fireworks. The US Bases, Clark and Subic were well-populated and their economy thriving. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo had driven away the US military from Philippine soil.

Nowadays, in the Philippines, July 4 is celebrated as the Filipino-American Friendship Day, in celebration of the US‘ recognition of the Philippines as a sovereign nation.


Fourth of July Cake, Image credit: Victorgrigas,


For the traditional American food, hotdogs, hamburgers, and the Fourth of July cake would do. For Pinoys, Filipino dishes such as “adobo”, “sinigang”, “paksiw na isda”, “rellenong bangus”, pancit guisado, “tinolang manok”, and many more scrumptious native dishes would be excellent to celebrate American Independence Day.

More regional dishes could include the Ilocano’s “dinuguan”, Kapampangan’s “buro at mustasa” and the Igorot’s “pinekpekang manok.”

For the Pinoy population in the US, who are now American citizens, celebrating the Fourth of July could be more meaningful when it is done by looking back and remembering the customs and dishes of their own native country. Filipino food is delicious and the dishes are unique, and not found anywhere around the world.

For Filipinos in the US, the 4th of July would be a superb time to cook these dishes in celebration of their own independence, as well.

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