X Files’ Area 51 of the US is Real After All, So What Are The True Secrets Kept In That Secluded Area?

The much featured  sci-fi TV series X Files’ Area 51 in the Nevada desert of the US is real after all, so what are the true secrets kept in that secluded area?

Hollywood has oftentimes featured a fictional place; they call Area 51, in its movies. Because of these movies, people began to imagine Area 51 as a fascinating place where the US government hid top secret programs. It was believed that the CIA and the US government tested and housed aliens and UFOs in that area.

Area 51 in Nevada, US, Image credit:CNN

Lately, the CIA released documents officially acknowledging the existence of Area 51, but according to the files, it is not a testing area for aliens and UFOs. Area 51 is not the place that people thought it was.

Area 51 is “a testing site for the government’s aerial surveillance program during the cold war.”

So, Area 51 exists after all, when will the CIA confirm that aliens and UFOs are being tested there? Just saying.

Watch the video here.

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