Watch Various Celebrations of the Fourth of July in America; Tribute to Journey; NASA Presents Interstellar Explosions and Other Happenings

It’s the Fourth of July and celebrations in the US exploded with fireworks. NASA has featured interstellar explosions in celebration of America’s Independence Day.


Fourth of July 2015
Image credit: NASA


Americans usually celebrate the day with fireworks, barbecue and partying. Famous celebrities entertain people with their concerts, like Taylor Swift and Smokey Robinson.

At the Pacific Symphony Concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, the orchestra offered a tribute to the rock band, Journey; fitting tribute for an iconic band that has spanned three decades of creating superb music. The concert will also honor the US Armed Forces.

Singer Billy Joel married Alexis Roderick in a surprise Fourth of July celebration in Long Island, New York, while the US President Obama celebrated with his family in the White House.

View the spectacular pictures presented by NASA below.

A YouTube video featuring fireworks on the 4th of July 2015 is also featured by Indo TV Channel. Watch the video below.

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