Watch Sydney Fireworks 2014 New Year; Dubai Fireworks Display Touted to be the Most Spectacular- Ever – in History

The Dubai Fireworks display this 2014 New Year is touted to be the most spectacular- ever – in the history of firework displays.

The celebration of 2014 New Year would start from around the world from New Zealand, to Australia, to Asia, Middle East, Canada and the US.  Brilliant fireworks displays and merry-making are usually the methods that most countries use to welcome the New Year.

Perhaps, because it is believed that loud noises and bright lights could drive bad spirits and bad luck away.

In New York, the countdown for the New Year usually happens at the Time Square. In Australia, they have one of the most spectacular fireworks display.

Sydney Fireworks display, Image credit:

This year, though, Dubai has promised the best fireworks display in history.

Below is the Sydney, Australia fireworks display courtesy of

Sydney Australia 2014 Fireworks Display

Video credit: Random Videos/YouTube

Dubai 2014 Fireworks Display

Video credit: Dubai Media Incorporated/YouTube

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