Livestream: Watch Now Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition: Miss Nicaragua Wins National Costume, LIVE at Crocus Hall, Moscow

Watch Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition LIVE at Crocus Hall, Moscow. The 87 candidates from different countries would compete for a slot for the Coronation Night on November 9, 2013.

Reportedly, Miss Philippines, who was one of the frontrunners earlier, has decreased in rank as the Grand Coronation Night approaches.

Miss Philippines-Universe 2013, Image credit: Miss

The  unofficial Top 16 Miss Universe candidates considered to be the favorites are:

  • Miss USA
  • Miss Ukraine
  • Miss Philippines
  • Miss Venezuela
  • Miss Poland
  • Miss Russia
  • Miss Germany
  • Miss Spain
  • Miss India
  • Miss Indonesia
  • Miss Australia
  • Miss Puerto Rico

Meet the gorgeous ladies in this preliminary competition of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

Miss Nicaragua wins the National Costume competition.

Watch now LIVE and get the news as it happens in Moscow, Russia.

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