Watch Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Theories on Disappearance; Victims’ Phones are ringing; UFO? High jacking?

The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has not been found yet and the global community responded to the urgent need of finding the plane and any survivors. There were reports of victims’ relatives saying the phones were ringing but no one was responding.

People are cautioned not to arrive at conclusions before all data have been verified.

Malaysia Flight 370
Malaysia Flight 370

Reportedly, these are some of the theories that could have happened to Malaysia Flight 370

1. The plane had some sort of mechanical error or encountered major weather turbulence.

2. The plane had some sort of explosion. It may have disintegrated in mid-air from a terrorist attack or plane malfunction.

3. The plane may have been hi-jacked and landed on another airport. Many Vietnam airports still exist today. To learn more about the missing Malaysia Flight 370, watch the 2 videos below courtesy of Best Viral Video/CNN and ShantiUniverse.


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