Watch: Manny Pacquiao’s Official Song for May 2 Fight with Mayweather

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao’s official song for his May 2 fight with Mayweather is finally released. The song entitled “Lalaban Ako Para Sa Pilipino” (I’ll Fight for the Filipinos).


Manny Pacquiao song
Manny Pacquiao” song


The song has a simple but meaningful lyric that reflects the love of the Pacman for his countrymen.

Bastat ang mahalaga bayan ko’y masaya.” (What counts is that my country is happy)

The song is in Tagalog, and the voice of the Champion is clear and has a distinct quality that makes the video endearing. Surely, Filipinos will love this song that expresses the genuine love of Manny Pacquiao for his countrymen.

Pacquiao has been a leading proponent of the rich sharing their blessings with the indigent in the country. Being the representative of Saranggani Province is one way he was able to help other people.

Lalaban ako para sa Pilipino!

Watch the video below courtesy of WorldBoxingOrg.

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