Visitors to Baguio City Instructed to Bring Extra Thick Clothing for Freezing Temperatures

MANILA, Philippines – Visitors to Baguio City are being instructed to bring extra thick clothing for freezing temperatures. Just today, Sunday, January 19, 2014, the lowest temperature of 8.1 ° Celsius was registered at 5:10 am.

Refrigerated temperatures range from 2 – 8 ° Celsius. It’s like a person is inside a refrigerator. Even some residents of Baguio find it difficult to cope with the icy coldness of early morning temperatures.

There is a lower temperature, though, than 8.1 ° C and it happened in January 18, 1961; the temperature was 6.3° C.

Baguio City or Pines City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines because it has one the coolest temperatures in the country. The Flower Festival is held in Baguio every February. These months of December and January, however, have also been cold in most parts of the country, and people need not go to Baguio to enjoy the cold weather.

Baguio City freezing temperatures

Benguet Province
would be colder than Baguio because it is more elevated than Baguio City.

Reportedly, the month of February is predicted to even be colder than the past months, so if you plan to spend time in Baguio, bring thicker clothing than you used to.

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