URGENT BREAKING NEWS: Radiation Level at Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant is again above Legal Limits

An urgent breaking news was released by the Kyodo News, March 14, 2011 disclosing that the radiation level at Fukushima No. I nuclear plant is above legal limits. The plant’s nuclear radiation was earlier determined to be within safety limits. The recent radiation level was reported by the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

The radiation dangers came as an aftermath of the dual catastrophe, an 8.9 super earthquake and a devastating tsunami, that had rocked and flooded northeastern and eastern Japan last Friday.

There have been an earlier explosion but authorities were able to contain it by using sea water, instead of pure water, which according to US experts, was an act of desperation as this may result to more  serious damages.

People living within the area were evacuated to safer grounds.

There are 3 nuclear reactors which should have to be maintained within proper temperatures to avoid a meltdown, just like what happened in the Three-mile and Chernobyl tragedy.

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