Two Cute Twin Babies Talking Video Becomes YouTube Sensation (Official Video)

Drafted: Already published

The video of two cute babies, who are talking goes viral in YouTube and becomes a YouTube sensation. This was disclosed by various sites March 29, 2011.

The video is of cute twins 18- month old Sam and Ren who “talked” perhaps about their major problems as babies and what would happen to the world when they grow up.

The video, uploaded by their parents has more than 12 million hits to date, and it was only uploaded last February 2011. Ingenious Internet users created their own interpretation of the baby talk and many were hilarious and funny.

Outpouring of love from different countries are reflected through the comments added to the video, while the first official hug of the twins was recorded.

This official video was uploaded by jayrandall22011 at YouTube.

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