Top 6 Healthy Foods for New Year’s Eve 2012

The New Year’s Eve 2012 is upon us and it is great to celebrate with fun and food but people should start thinking about serving healthy foods or dishes during New Year’s Eve or “Media Noche.” To help you in planning your dishes, here are Top 6 recommended healthy dishes.

Vegetable Vinegar Salad

A vegetable salad with carrots, lettuce, and cucumber topped with vinegar as the salad dressing. Wash the vegetables thoroughly to avoid contamination from bacteria and parasites. Cut the cumber crosswise, so that they are cut in circles; likewise with the cucumber. The lettuce could simply be cut into two.

Vegetables are healthy because they contain essential nutrients and minerals, are anti-toxins, and contain fewer calories.

Broiled or Roasted Fish

This is healthy because it is a good source of protein and good fat (High Density Lipoprotein). You broil it because you would not want to use oil, which could add bad fat into your system.

Roasted Fish
Roasted Fish

Roasted Lean Meat

Choose the meat portion that is free from fat. Roast this and do not fry to avoid adding fat (oil), which could be unhealthy. If you are forced to fry, use vegetable or fish oil. This is one of the Top 6 Healthy Foods for New Year’s Eve this 2012.

Fruit Mix

You can mix all those healthy and low calorie fruits and mix them in one delectable concoction. You can slice different fruits such as apples, banana, watermelon, peaches, and strawberries into 1-inch cubes and mix them with fat-free milk and sweeten the Fruit Mix with honey. Like vegetables and fruits, honey is preventive too for a lot of ailments such as obesity, malnutrition and other nutrition related conditions.

Mushroom special burgers

Yes, Virginia, mushrooms could be made into burgers. Grind the edible mushrooms (any type) into bits and then add a sprinkling of flour, healthy spices such as mint, chives, paprika, or tarragon.

Eggplant Omelet

Eggplant omelet could be a succulent dish if cooked properly and coupled with fresh tomatoes and onions. You could simply roast the eggplant also and slice fresh onions and tomatoes with fish anchovies as its dish partner. After the eggplant is roasted, skin the eggplant and serve it whole. Eat the eggplant with the sliced onions and tomatoes add flavor.

Remember to wash everything thoroughly before commencing to prepare your Top 6 Healthy Foods for New Year’s Eve 2012.

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