Spiderman is Dead: Peter Parker Dies Wednesday, December 26, 2012, as Fans Mourn

Spiderman is dead. Peter Parker dies on Wednesday, December 26, 2012, as fans mourn his death. It has been expected that Spiderman would die on the Amazing Spider-Man 700 series. International entertainment news is abuzz about the tragic news.

Spiderman author, Dan Slott, has put an end to the comic hero that almost everyone loves. Reportedly, there were death threats even for Dan Sloth.

Spiderman dies
Spiderman, Image credit: marvelcomicsfanon.wikia.com

Peter Parker, as Spiderman, battled with Doctor Octopus and Octopus won, finally killing Spiderman.

The storyline does not stop there, however, because a new hero would emerge from the depressing event.

Guess who? The villain himself – Doctor OctopusAuthor Dan Slott said that:

“Gone are his days of villainy, but since it’s Doc Ock and he has that ego, he’s not going to try and just be Spider-man, he’s going to try to be the best Spider-Man ever.”

How the story evolves would be interesting to follow, as the comic series would bring to life, another blockbuster movie in the making.

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