Samantha Jade’s “Heartless” No. 1 at ITunes, Just after a Day of Its Release

Samantha Jade’s “Heartless” is now No. 1 at ITunes, just a day after its release on November 12.

The X Factor Australian 2012 Top 3 contender sang Kanye West’sHeartless” during the Top 4 performance on Monday, and already netizens are charmed by her outstanding vocals.

Samantha Jade
Samantha Jade, Image credit: XFactorAU

Not many know that Samantha Jade, 25, was a previous child model, and a previous singer-songwriter. Week after week, she performed on the X Factor Australian stage demonstrating her vocal prowess and versatility.

During Samantha’s performance of “Heartless” on the X Factor Performance Show, the judges gave her a standing ovation; likewise with her second song, “Where Have You Been.”

Samantha thanked her fans on Twitter for their unending support. She, also, tweeted excitedly the picture showing her version of the song “Heartless” at No. 1 on iTunes, saying,

“Omg omg so grateful and overwhelmed thank you so much !!!”

Samantha Jade, together with Jason Owen and The Collectives, would be advancing to the finals of the X Factor Australia 2012 reality TV show.

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