Reactions to Aquino’s SONA: Duterte to Aquino, “If the problem is recurring, is it Gloria’s fault or yours?”

MANILA, Philippines – The negative reactions to President Noynoy Aquino’s SONA is downplayed by media, and reportedly most Filipinos are satisfied by the president’s SONA.


President Aquino Philippines
President Noynoy Aquino


But you just have to approach the rapidly disappearing Pinoy middle class and you’ll know Aquino’s SONA was not well-received. Here are some popular reactions.

Mayor Rodolfo Duterte and Vice Mayor Paulo Duterte:

“Arroyo is now in jail. Past is past. It would have been good if he mentioned what he will do from this day toward the last day of his term, rather than keep on blaming and accusing the previous administration. What for?”

“We have heard the last SONA of the President. After 5 long years, the blame is still on the previous administration. I am disappointed and frustrated. You don’t run your politics like that. You take the cudgels from where the previous administration ended, and from there do everything to make things happen for the country.”

If you continue to blame and accuse the previous administration of their mistakes, it is like saying you did not do anything about the problem. If the problem is recurring, is it Gloria’s fault or yours?”

On Twitter, here are some reactions to Aquino’s SONA:

“SAF 44 kin: Aquino mentioned Marwan, but not fallen cops in Sona.”

Michel Eldiy ‏@ChiliMedley

“PNoy could have spared one line in his long list of #SONA2015 Thank Yous for the #SAF44, at the very least, to recognize their sacrifice.”

Mike Arroyo

“PNoy’s criticism of GMA shows he has no accomplishments.”

After Aquino’s SONA, inside the Batasang Complex, boos were heard in the house. Some congressmen held placards with the message “service palpak” (Service is a failure).

There was also a big rally on the streets as thousands of protesters marched to expressed their grievances. Read it HERE.

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