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President Duterte Reveals that There’s Evidence of a Plot to Overthrow Him

MANILA, PhilippinesPresident Rodrigo Duterte stated that the government has evidence of a plot to remove him from office and that this will be made public soon.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte; Image center:

“Sison, Magdalo, pati iyong mga ayaw sa akin, ‘yung talagang ayaw tumanggap sa akin ever since the election – they have combined…” (Sison, Magdalo, including those who don’t want me, those who never really accepted me ever since the election – they have combined…)

And President Duterte went on to disclose that a foreign country has provided evidence of the conversation of the plotters, which he requested to be declassified and revealed to the public.

Hence, soon, the whole country will learn the whole story about this reported plot to overthrow the president.

President Duterte has cancelled a press conference with the media but, instead, he went on air on a one on one interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

Meanwhile, while Sen. Trillanes is doing the media rounds – despite the Supreme Court’s denial of the TRO he file regarding President’s Duterte’s revocation of his amnesty – the president is busy working almost 24/7 to fulfill his promises to the Filipino people.

Watch the video of President Duterte and Atty. Panelo on a one-on-one interview below, courtesy of Balitang Pinas Kabayan:

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