Phillip Phillips Coronation as American Idol Season 11 Winner, Touching Video

Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner of American Idol Season 11, while Jessica was proclaimed the runner-up.

Jessica was graceful in defeat, and like a real sport has hugged Phillip tightly and congratulated him; all the while smiling. It is apparent that Phillip was stunned because of his facial expression. His expression was not as enthusiastic as others would have expected it to be.

When he was given the microphone and his guitar to sing, he did so, but stopped at the mid portion of his song because he could not hold back his tears.

It was a touching and emotional moment that everyone could not help but feel a surge of “love” for this young man from Georgia, who said at first to the American Idol 2012 judges that he would be happy even if he will not make it to the Top 24 because he had come as far as the Hollywood auditions. But if they would let him stay…

And the rest is history.

Below is the coronation YouTube video of Phillip Phillips as the American Idol winner of season 11.

Phillip Phillips Coronation Video

Video Credit: AmericanIdol/Fox /YouTube

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