Philippines’ Senatorial Candidates, Who Would You Vote For?

MANILA, Philippines – The May 13, 2013 local and national elections is 16 days away, and already, some supporters of candidates are growing panicky with alleged vote buying and illegal activities. Ganoon na ba tayo kagutom na ibenta ang boto natin para lang makakain? (Are we that hungry to sell our votes just to eat?)

Who would you vote among the senatorial candidates? Who would help us rise from this abject poverty that we are in? Many promise the moon and the stars, but once they are seated in the pinnacle of power, well… they tend to forget their glowing promises and to h-ll with all of you- voters.

National local elections May 13, 2013
Kalinga Tribes voting, Image credit: Benedict Ballug

Out of the 24 senatorial seats, 12 will be elected, who would serve for 6 years, up to June 30, 2019, while the top 12 during the 2010 elections will continue to serve for another 3 years, up to June 30, 2016. There would also be elections for congressmen and local seats.

The official website of the Commission On Elections ( provides several features that include absentee voting, list of official candidates, precinct finder, and updates about the incoming Philippines’ local and national elections. You could also access the list of senatorial candidates, and other contenders from its website.

Loren Legarda, Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Alan Peter Cayetano, Edgardo Angara and Risa Hontiveros seem to be the most popular senatorial candidates.

Perhaps, some of those at the top 12 do not deserve to be there. Many Filipinos would want that the whole seats vacated to give in to a new election. Why? Because in spite of the widely publicized economic growth of the country, poverty continues to prevail, and more and more middle-income families are becoming poor. Progress should be felt by the poor people, where it significantly counts.

Who would you vote for? Let your vote count. Your future and your children’s future depend upon your choices on May 13, 2013 national and local elections. May the force be with you.

6 thoughts on “Philippines’ Senatorial Candidates, Who Would You Vote For?”

  1. I wish everybody VOTES WISELY. plain and simple. we need to show the world we can pick the right people into office to growth as a nation. please lord, let it be this elections….

  2. kaya this coming elections is important. we need to vote for the right people to improve this country. believe it or not we have a great economy compared to other countries and we are losing this opportunity to grow everyday. change needs to happen because even other countries are taking notice that the rich get richer and the poor stay the same.

  3. para sakin, loren legarda ung #1 spot ko. ung problema kasi sa senate ngayon ay sobrang dami na senator na parang wala naman ginagawa. kitang kita na parang wala na bago sa buhay namin. si loren hardworking talaga, at kitang kita na may nag iba salamat sa ginagawa nya. sa women’s rights, sa environment, kailangan namin sya…

  4. sana konti lang ung vote buying sa elections na toh. gusto ko na makita mag iba na ung bansa namin…..please naman…

  5. grabe ilan days nalang at hindi pa kompleto ung 12 ko….iniisip ko talaga kasi kailangan namin mga senator na may ginagawa talaga….

  6. We don’t have to pick for the perfect candidate because in this world there is no thing such as “perfect” , We people just have to know and have the knowledge to vote for the real candidate for the right position . VOTE WISELY MADLANG PEOPLE!


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