Opinion on Parental sentiments: Children, You Should Know How Your Parents Feel because You Would Be In That Same Situation Eventually

Guest Post by: Willy Quiambao

I remember you, how can I possibly forget? From the feel of your skin to the tone of your voice I remember it all. I know when you’re sad; I feel it too. I know when you pretend to be happy but hide what you really feel. Time has changed you as it has changed me. You look me in the eyes, but is the old feeling gone? Changed, yes, we have changed; do you love me any less? Am I no longer the same person you’ve loved all these years? I cannot say nothing has changed. You have aged, but child we age too.


I remember back when you would wake me up, just to crack an early morning joke. When you’d kiss me before going to school and when you said you loved me before going to sleep. I miss those times, all those times. Back when you would say you love me and meant it. Back when you’d hug me and say you’d never let go. Back when you told me nothing could come between us. You used to tell me what made you happy. I’d still lend you a shoulder if you need to cry.

Am I no longer needed in your life? Because I still need you. I’d get up in the morning just to cook you breakfast and I’d wait for you wait past sunset just to know you’ve eaten outside. Why can’t you look me in the eyes and say you love me? I gave you everything I could possibly give and more, how am I nothing to you? Did you suddenly forget all the times I made you laugh when you wanted to cry? When I told you that there is still tomorrow when you felt that the end was today?

I remember when you looked so glad to see me when you got home and when we’d watch television together. We may seem like different people but I love you no less hoping one day you would realize that. You have time for games can’t you spare me a minute? I’m not asking you to give my love back. I gave it unconditionally and can only hope for yours. Did I make a mistake in nurturing you? Tell me how I went wrong, I am only human.

Do you remember the times you were scared of the dark and I was the only one you’d turn to? Why can’t I get a straight answer? Well, I just want to say how I love you no less regardless of what we are now. In my eyes you’ll always be my little child, trying to walk on your own, sorry if I often forget how you’re all grown up, but time can change you. In my memory, you will always be the same.

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