NCAA Tournament 2011 Winners for the Round of 64

NCAA March Madness
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NCAA Tournament winners for the round of 64 are George Mason, Notre Dame, Texas and Michigan. The game for the day was between Mason and Villanova, Notre Dame and Akron, Texas and Oakland and Michigan vs. Tennessee. This was disclosed by international sports sites March 18, 2011.

The NCAA tournament is an event that sports fan look forward to as they root and cheer for their favorite teams.  The teams which are top ranked are still playing as expected except for a few surprising upsets by some teams.

The last game between the Mason and the Villanova teams, with Luke Hancock of the Mason, scoring 6 points, had won the game, 61-57.  Being one of the favorites for this year’s March Madness, the George Mason team could very well conquer other teams in the tournament.

Fans are expecting more March Madness to ensue in the following days of the NCAA Tournament.

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