NASA Discovers New ‘Earth Twin’, Kepler 452b

NASA has discovered a new “Earth twin” or exoplanet that is orbiting the sun-like star Kepler 452.


Earth Twin Kepler 452b
Earth Twin, Exoplanet Kepler 452b


The “Earth Twin”, also called Kepler-452b, has various similarities like the Earth; it can be habitable and the distance from the star is more or less similar to that of the Earth from the sun.

It’s the second exoplanet discovered by NASA, but it resembles more to the Earth than the first exoplanet. The “Earth Twin” is believed to be 5 times heavier than the Earth and orbits around its “sun” for 385 days (Earth has 365 days).

The Earth Twin (Exoplanet Kepler 452b) is also higher in mass, so that persons will weight twice as much as they do on Earth.

Here’s NASA’s video release:

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