Miss Philippines Makes It to Top 10 and Top 5 Contestants, Miss Universe 2012 Beauty Pageant, Top 5 (Live Blog)

Top 10 Contestants, Miss Universe 2012 Beauty Pageant are:

1. Miss Venezuela

2. Miss Russia

3. Miss Mexico

4. Miss Philippines

5. Miss France

6. Miss Hungary

7. Miss South Africa

8. Miss USA

9. Miss Australia

10. Miss Brazil

Janine Tugonon
Janine Tugonon, Image credit: MissUniverse.com

Miss Kosovo is Miss Photogenic.

The official Top 16 Miss Universe 2012 Contestants can be read HERE.

TOP 10 are Australia, Russia, Brazil, France, Venezuela, USA, Hungary, S. Africa, Mexico, Philippines

Top 5  contestants are:

1. Miss Venezuela

2. Miss Philippines

3. Miss USA

4. Miss Australia

5. Miss Brazil

Top 5 are Venezuela, Philippines, Australia, USA, and Brazil

Who would be crowned Miss Universe 2012? For the winner of Miss Universe 2012 click HERE.

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