The man had a horrible mask over his face and his breath rankled of liquor.

“You,” he hissed at Mickey who was cowering in fear at his feet, “get those ropes!”

Mickey looked up to him, with soulful, teary eyes

“Go on, or I’ll tie you up with your oldies.”

“I can’t reach them, “ the boy was sobbing .

The masked man pointed the gun at Mickey’s temple. “Move!”

There were muffled cries at the other end of the room.

Mickey stared at the masked intruder. He had to pretend he was utterly terrified or he and his parents would never see the light again. He had to!

If he could only inch farther into the other side of the bed where the security camera and alarm were, they would have a good chance of catching this thief and prevent future victims from falling prey to his ploy. He had masqueraded as a minister asking for donations! The nerve!
Mickey stood up on wobbly feet and slowly inched forward.

He had played games on his computer where he was the hero, and he felt this was his chance to become a real one. He deliberately tripped himself and wailed painfully as he crashed to the cold floor.

“Get up, you useless moron!” the intruder shouted ominously.

But Mickey refused to move, feigning injury.

The irate man swiftly covered the distance and yanked Mickey to his feet. By then, the boy was an arm’s length from the security alarm. Just as the man was about to smash his head, Mickey deftly pushed the alarm in one smooth movement, and the ringing bell echoed through the neighborhood and at the police station where it was constantly monitored.

“Run Mama, Papa run,” Mickey urged his parents to seek refuge.

The man stood frozen for a moment, undecided on what to do, and Mickey took that chance to kick him hard in the groin. As the man writhed in pain, Mickey pulled the mask off the his grimacing face, the man snarled and cursed under his breath.

The three ran out to freedom!

The sound of the siren was getting nearer, but they kept running. They only stopped when the police car became visible on the road.

Of course, the intruder was no longer found inside the house. People thought, he would never be caught. But because of Mickey’s smart moves, they were able to identify and catch the thief within an hour after the incident.

The security camera had a good picture of the thief’s face! Thanks to brave Mickey!

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  1. Hi Z,

    I love happy endings Z. Thanks and a pleasant day to you.

    Hi Mon,

    The good wind brought you here. Happy blog hopping.

  2. Hi Roy,

    They are, when these are presented in the right perspective. Thanks and mabuhay ka!

    Hi Shawie,

    Yes, of course, and the security camera is a good one. lol..thanks and happy blog hopping.

  3. Hi Webbielady,

    Yeah, we all wish we could be brave enough to face not only thieves but our daily challenges as well. Thanks.

  4. Brave boy! He has his instincts!
    P.S. To answer your question, the raninculus flowers bloom only from late March to early May.Thanks for the visit.


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