Megan Young, Miss Philippines, One of Miss World’s 2013 Pre-Pageant’s Favorites, Vote for Her

MANILA, Philippines – Megan Young, the Philippines‘ candidate for Miss World 2013 is one of the pre-pageant’s favorites, together with Brazil, Spain, and Denmark, among others.

She is ensured a special award, the “2013 People’s Champion Award”, in the Miss World 2013 pageant, if she wins the Miss World Poll. Supporters can vote  for her through the Miss World app on iOS and Android.


Megan Young, Image credit: Miss World 2013


Reportedly, Miss Philippines is No. 2 in the Miss World Poll out of 160 candidates with Miss Malaysia, Melinder Bhullar in No. 1. In Missosology’s 7 Hot Picks, Megan Young ranks no. 3.

The 23-year old beauty disclosed on her Facebook page that she lost her luggage which contained her make-up kit and Miss Japan was kind enough to share hers with Megan.

“Hello from me and my roommate Michiko Tanaka, Miss Japan! The night I arrived in Bali, one of my luggage bags got lost and it so happened that ALL of my makeup was in that bag! Michiko was so nice and lent me the makeup I didn’t have on hand (I only had powder and eyeliner #girlproblems)! She is just the sweetest girl. We try to communicate by talking slowly but I’m just wondering if you guys have any Nihonggo words or phrases I could use to communicate with Michiko?”


Miss Philippines with Miss Japan

Megan Young also posted a shout-out to everyone on Facebook recently that the winner of the polls would earn a place among the Final Top 5 of the competition, reportedly.

Meanwhile, former Miss World finalist, Gwendolyn Ruais, is likewise in Indonesia for the Miss World 2013 pageant as a web presenter. She would cover the events during the preliminary competitions and other official Miss World activities.

The 63rd Miss World pageant coronation night would be on September 28, 2013, at the Sentul International Convention Center, Indonesia.

Would Miss Philippines, Megan Young, bring home the crown?

The more than 92 million Filipinos surely hope so.

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