Jessica Sanchez Says “Recording Today, So Ready”

Jessica Sanchez tweets on August 14, 2012:

“Recording Today. So Ready”

The American Idol runner-up seems to be busy with what her fans wish for, her recorded songs.

Her songs at iTunes, seemed to be increasing in sales, but is still behind Phillip Phillips, whose coronation song Home” has made it again on no. 1 with more than 500,000 sales earning him more than gold.

At YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Jessica Sanchez rules, but when it comes to iTunes and sales of songs, she is lagging behind. This means that Jessica Sanchez’s fans are not buying her songs, based on figures presented.

What might be the reason?

A few of the fans said previously that they were not buying those sold by American Idol in protest of the results. Seeing how mature and happy Jessica was about Phillip’s win, they most probably changed their minds. Still Jessica’s songs are not performing in sales as expected.

Jessica’s fans should buy her songs to place her at no. 1 on iTunes and Billboard charts, and show the world that she is, indeed, the World Idol.

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